Удивительная простота сборки
Natural wood under protection of glass

It's no secret that the real life of paint-and-lacquer materials for exterior works does not exceed 5-7 years. After that the coating, exposed to precipitation, loses both its protective and aesthetic properties. The offered original design solution of the facade with the use of strengthened glass allows to significantly extend the life of the protective and decorative coating on the exterior side of the building. The wooden part of the house (namely, the outer layer of the sandwich panel) is going to be always protected by the "eternal" glass which service life is practically unlimited.

Amazing simplicity of assembly

A 150 m2 turn-key house can be erected within 14 days including finishing of the interior. In terms of design, the house is a wooden frame made of glued LVL-beams. The perfect load-carrying ability of LVL-beams allows to erect houses with free-layout interior depending on the customer’s needs since there are no supporting walls in the house.  Sandwich "pie"-type panels are used for walls filling. They consist of plywood + insulation 200 mm Facade Batts + vapor barrier layer. The outer plywood layer of the sandwich panel is made with a "tooth" entering the stand frame and is fixed by means of stainless screws and an aluminum facade profile into which an outer protective glass is inserted. Thus, the building of the house turns into Lego assembly and anyone can simply do it guided by proper instructions.

Отсутствие необходимости возобновлять защитно-декоративное покрытие древесины
Нет необходимости осуществлять внутреннюю отделку
There is no need for interior finishing

Upon ordering a house the customer has an option of ordering an interior part of the sandwich panel to be a high quality birch plywood. In this case of using a plywood sheet instead of a vapor barrier layer, there is no need to provide finishing of the interior walls. The room walls of the ready to live in house feature the beauty of natural material - hardwood wood veneer.

Excellent technical characteristics

The glass part of the roof has a structural system that provides protection against possible leaks, excellent aesthetic characteristics and ensure good snow and rain removal. Such a decision for roof and facade doesn’t require installation of water gutters. The water goes down the facade and roof glass to the blind area.

Thermotechnical characteristics of the wall construction. Calculations confirm the possibility of construction and operation of these houses in conditions of severe Siberian climate where the temperature in winter drops to -35 0С. This construction is an example of energy efficiency of the wall.

Великолепные технические характеристики
Великолепные технические характеристики
Aesthetic component

The appearance of natural wood veneer featuring amazing pattern of natural wood, together with the finishing of the front surface of the plywood from the outside with the best paint and varnish materials under the protection of strengthened glass provide absolutely non-standard and amazing appearance of the house which is going to constantly change reflecting the environment.

The facade glass can be optionally changed either to stemalite (tinted opaque glass), aluminum panels, strips or board.

Ease of use

The use of plywood as a lining material ensures that the sound insulation (reducing air traffic noise) of the wall structure is at the level of a 400 mm thick brick-monolithic wall.

The house is made of natural materials.

Washing of the glass part of the facade is carried out by a special robot, which a customer gets as a gift when buying a house.


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